Spaces To Play

When a die-hard winner such as Michael Jordan says something like that one gets to know how important the role of participation in sports is. But in today's world, with the beaconing temptation of the couch, a packet of chips and the daily TV one has forgotten how the smell of the freshly mown grass at a sporting venue feels like. As soon as the mandatory gym classes at school are over one does not even put on sports shoes any longer. But it is of vital importance for the youth to be more involved in sporting activities. They not only help one to beat health issues, they also foster values such as team spirit and sportsmanship which are important in life but are forgotten these days.

Battle with Obesity

Obesity has become an alarming problem with the youth all over the world these days, especially in the developed countries. The couch potato habits and over eating are turning kids over weight from the prime of their lives. The best solution to eradicate this problem other than eating right, exercising at home is for the kids to hot the grounds in a sporting venue. Studies have shown that playing more than one sports is the best Way to tackle the problem of obesity. In a survey that was done in a high school in Vermont it was found that the young people who played on three or more teams such as football, lacrosse, tennis etc. are 39 safer than the rest from the problem of obesity, especially those who did not play any sports at all.

Juvenile Diabetes

It is not just the case with this one person, but juvenile diabetes is something that is hitting the globe like an epidemic. Kids do wrong for too long with their bodies and before they know it they are diabetic. Again, a great solution for this problem is a sporting venue. Again, surveys have shown that cycling is one sporting activity that would help the kids to fight this disease. And this is not about cycling around at a slow pace in the neighbourhood. One needs to hit a velodrome and take several fast rounds to exhaust oneself. Only then the possibility of diabetes would take a backseat.

Venues in UK that Welcomes Youth Participation

In the recent years, UK has been one country where campaigns against problems such as obesity has been made at large. With the celebrity trainer and author like Subodh Gupta as the harbinger, the country has witnessed the National Obesity Campaign. The government and the medical boards have been active as well. Many sporting venues welcome the youth community to be a part of sporting activities and to stay fit. One such sporting venue is the Harlington sports ground close to the Imperial College, London. It is open for seven days a week. It is available to the college teams for all kinds of sports tournaments and is also accessible to the public through bookings.

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All levels of the England Rugby Union teams access this venue for practice. The ground has three rugby pitches, ten soccer pitches, grass and Astroturf courts for tennis and hockey, two cricket pitches and a full- fledged 25 station gymnasium. Another such sporting venue is the Teddington Ground in Middlesex. It is a self --sufficient unit with all facilities such as a gym, dining area, parking, gallery along with the many picturesque pitches and courts for cricket, football, tennis, rugby, hockey and lacrosse. They extend their welcome to students and non-students alike such as corporate and team stuff tournaments.

UK has taken a firm stance for youth's participation in sports. So should do the rest of the world youth. Kids, it is high time for you to go to nearest sporting venue and resister yourself for any kind of outdoor sports. Get off the couch, get out of the house and hit the ground.